MORNING ROUNDUP: Why Coors Light Plays a Part in 'Tron'

Plus: Richard Branson to unveil iPad magazine, and what was the most-watched college football game this year?

- Coors Light beer has a prominent cameo (star Garrett Hedlund grabs one from the refrigerator) in the first 30 minutes of Tron: Legacy -- but it's not because of product placement. Director Joseph Kosinski says he’s a fan of the brand's gold can, which caught his eye while he browsing a grocery store. “I just liked the color and thought it would look good on screen,” he tells the New York Times. Disney's lawyer said they could feature the can in the film without permission. Coors didn't respond to comment from the Times. RELATED: First look at the costumes of Tron.

- Sir Richard Branson will unveil his iPad multi-media magazine, dubbed Project, this week in partnership with daughter Holly and veteran men's magazine editor Anthony Noguera, formerly of FHM, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The first cover features Jeff Bridges. Branson, the entrepreneur behind the Virgin Group, is launching his iPad play ahead of News Corp.’s tablet paper the Daily, which the Journal said could launch as soon as early next year. Project will focus on entertainment, international culture, design, business and travel and cost $2.99, according to the paper.

- What is the most-watched college football game of the year? Friday night's "Iron Bowl" matchup between Auburn and Alabama -- in which Auburn came back from a 24-point deficit to win 28-27 -- attracted 20% of U.S. homes watching TV that night, according to preliminary numbers. It was the biggest college football game in three years, according to CBS. RELATED: The latest TV ratings.