MORNING ROUNDUP: Will 'Daily Show' And 'Colbert Report' Return To Hulu?

Steven Colbert - Colbert Report TV Still - 2010
Comedy Central

- Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report could soon return to online video site Hulu after a payment disagreement led to their removal in early 2010, the New York Times reported Monday.
Executives from Hulu and Viacom’s Comedy Central negotiated about restoring the shows as recently as last month, with both sides seeming eager to resolve the situation, it said. Comedy Central was said to have looked for an upfront payment for the two flagship shows, arguing they would draw new users to Hulu.

- The Newsweek-Daily Beast merger was expected to be completed by late November or early December, but had been delayed and is now expected to close in mid-January, the New York Post reported Monday.
That is the word from Newsweek owner Sidney Harman, it said. The Post cited legal and paperwork delays, combined with a holiday slowdown for the later closing.

- Wrestling reality show Tough Enough is set to return – after airing on MTV until 2003 - on USA in a sign that the network is looking to start a push into unscripted programming, the New York Times reported.
The World Wrestling Entertainment show is seen as strengthening the company’s partnership with NBC Universal. The conglomerate’s USA network will bring back the show and partner it with its Monday night ratings powerhouse Monday Night Raw.

- Intel will showcase new microchips at the Consumer Electronics Show this week and is working with Hollywood studios to use their processing power and built-in content protection to safely offer premium movies to consumers over PCs, Reuters reported.
Time Warner's Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and other studios plan to offer high-definition movies to consumers whose computers use the chips, code-named Sandy Bridge, at the same time as they are released on DVD, an Intel executive told Reuters.

- Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have agreed to split “amicably,” Gawker reported. They had been together for seven years. 

- The New York Times in an article looks at how Sony Corp.’s Columbia Pictures looks to win a best picture Oscar with The Social Network, 23 years after last doing so in 1988 with The Last Emperor.
The article highlighted how the film has picked up key awards, including those from the New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.