MORNING ROUNDUP: Stephen Colbert Estimates 6 Billion Attended 'Fear' Rally

Restoring Sanity - 11
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Plus, ABC and CBS announce they'll broadcast Tuesday's midterm elections live on Facebook and Google, the BBC is criticized by a Christian group for covering a pagan ceremony, and other morning news.

- Stephen Colbert has an idea of how many people attended his and Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear in Washington, D.C. over the weekend. "Early estimate of crowd size at Rally: 6 billion," Colbert Twittered. The New York Times says the National Park Service did not offer a formal crowd estimate, but Judy McGrath, the chief executive of Viacom's MTV Networks unit, told the paper the Parks Service told her there were "well over 200,000 people" in attendance at the rally, which stretched several blocks west of the Capitol building.


- ABC and CBS will livestream Tuesday's midterm elections on Facebook and Google respectively, The New York Times reports. Both networks do not have cable news outlets, like MSNBC or Fox News. “We are clearly making our biggest effort yet at trying to get our content out to as many people and as many places as possible,” said ABC executive Jon Banner, who is overseeing election coverage.

- The BBC was criticized by a Christian group for its extensive Halloween coverage of a UK pagan ritual. “It’s not always healthy to represent such beliefs as paganism as mainstream, particularly when our national faith is so often pushed to the edges," Andrea Williams, director of the Christian Legal Centre, told the UK Telegraph. "It’s vital that our national broadcaster remembers our great Christian heritage and all the precepts that come from it that are good for the nation. I would like to see this more clearly recognized.”

- Jon Hamm returned as host of Saturday Night Live this weekend. In one skit, called "I Didn't Ask for This" (watch below), the Mad Men star gets the Auto-tune treatment in a scene of a reality show in which he's reunited with his estranged son. "It was truly the most profound moment of my life. Now it's a ring tune," he laments. Rihanna performed.