MORNING ROUNDUP: Taylor Swift Named Songwriter of the Year at BMI Awards

Lee Celano/Getty Images

Plus: Bristol Palin survives another week on Dancing With the Stars, Olivia Wilde calls her "Tron" costume "badass."

- Looks like all those songs about John Mayer and Joe Jonas have paid off. Taylor Swift was named songwriter of the year at Tuesday night's BMI Awards. The singer -- who sold more than 1 million copies of her latest album, Speak Now, within the first week of its release -- is the youngest person ever to receive the honor. Swift also won country song of the year -- for the third year running -- with co-writer Liz Rose for "You Belong With Me." "It's been a really emotional week for me," she told the audience, according to the Associated Press.

- Olivia Wilde loves the skintight costume she dons in TRON: Legacy, which hits theaters next month. "My costume is actually the toughest, most badass thing I've ever seen," she told the December issue of Playboy. The only problem: It's not exactly easy to get on and off. "It would be difficult to be a stripper in that suit because it's almost impossible to get it off," Wilde says. "It would be a three-hour striptease and you’d need at least five assistants onstage with you." See THR's exclusive gallery of TRON's looks.

- Bristol Palin survived another week on Dancing With the Stars after NFL star Kurt Warner got the boot. Palin thinks it's because she's not an A-lister. "I think lots of people see themselves in me because I'm pretty untouched when it comes to celebrity status," explained the teen mom, and daughter of former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. "I'm pretty raw and vulnerable when it comes to this whole thing. I'm just having fun and people see that."

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