Morrissey Announces 2014 Retirement Plans

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The 53-year-old singer says he started contemplating the move after "aging a lot recently."

After 30 years in the music business, former Smiths frontman and independent music luminary Morrissey revealed plans Friday to retire at the age of 55. The 53-year-old singer said that he wants to leave the business after “aging a lot recently.”

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“I am slightly shocked to have gone as far as I have,” Morrissey said in an interview with “This is my 30th year, and I’ve aged a lot recently, which is bit distressing for me, as it must be for everyone. The body changes shape and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The singer started his career in 1982 with The Smiths, only to go solo in 1988. He has since released nine studio albums and 38 singles.

Morrissey indicated he was unsure whether or not he could endure as an aging pop vocalist. “Do I continue as a modern day Andy Williams? I take one hour at a time,” he said. “We will all probably be blown up by the Syrian government soon, anyway, so it hardly matters in the great scheme of things.”