Morrissey Offers His Congratulations to Ireland…With Conditions

Kyleen James

Following Ireland's legalization of same-sex marriage, the singer is now calling for the country's attention to animal rights.

Morrissey has offered his congratulations to Ireland on its historic referendum result. But there’s a "must do more" caveat.

The "Irish Blood, English Heart" singer shared a message on Sunday under the headline, "Congratulations to Ireland." He wrote on the True to You blog after Ireland voted in favor of allowing same-sex marriage: "The people, once again, teach the church. The people, once again, teach the politicians."

But the animal rights activist didn’t leave it there, saying, “Now, Ireland, please abolish fur farms and factory-farming and transportation of live animals, and welcome yourself completely into the 21st century.”

Moz has never been shy to say what he thinks. The former Smiths frontman recently tore into Al Gore for serving meat at Live Earth fest, and slammed Glastonbury Festival founder and dairy farmer Michael Eavis as an “animal hater.” He famously bailed on a show in Iceland due to the venue’s “cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust,” apparently because meat was served on the premises.

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