Moscow's Indie Film Fest in Jeopardy

The event has lost its venue, as the city's main art house theater is closing for renovation.

MOSCOW – The Russian film festival 2-in-1, scheduled to be held this October, has lost its venue, with Moscow’s main art house theater, 35 mm, closing for renovation.

The future of one of the country’s few festivals specifically devoted to independent films is now uncertain. The festival’s director, Alexei Medvedev, was quoted by Novye Izvestiya as saying that the festival’s team is working on finding a new venue but so far nothing has turned up and the odds are slim that they will find a replacement location.

In addition to 2-in-1, 35 mm, located in Central Moscow, hosts many other film-related events and smaller festivals. The theater’s owners, city authorities, say they hope renovations won’t be major and won’t take too long, so that the theater can be reopened before the end of the year.

Others, however, are less optimistic. Nadezhda Kotova, head of Cool Connections, a company that runs film events at 35 mm, told RBK Daily that a new agreement between her company and the theater hasn’t yet been signed. “If things continue the way they are now, the city is to lose a unique film venue,” she was quoted as saying.