Moss latest ABC 'Suspect'

Networks fill slew of pilot vacancies

Carrie-Anne Moss has signed on to star on ABC's drama pilot "Suspect."

Meanwhile, Marissa Jeret Winokur has been tapped to star on CBS' comedy pilot "Fugly," William Baldwin has joined ABC's drama pilot "Dirty Sexy Money," Christopher Titus has landed one of the leads on ABC's untitled Jon Feldman drama pilot, Madchen Amick is set as the female lead on CBS' one-hour pilot "Viva Laughlin!" and Eric Christian Olsen will play the male lead on ABC's untitled D.C. comedy pilot.

Additionally, Leslie Hope has come aboard Fox's drama pilot "The Apostles," Brian Benben has been cast in NBC's comedy pilot "The Mastersons of Manhattan," Swoosie Kurtz has joined ABC's drama pilot "Pushing Daisies," while David Alan Basche, Julian Sands and David Norona have joined NBC's "Lipstick Jungle."

  "Suspect," from Sony Pictures TV and 25 C Prods., is a fast-paced procedural drama uncovering a crime's perpetrator by tracing the suspects in a lineup. In the pilot directed by Guy Ritchie, Moss will play a police lieutenant, the boss of the department who is tough on the outside and warm and caring on the inside. Moss, star of such films as the "Matrix" trilogy and "Memento," will next be seen in "Disturbia" and "Fido" and is slated to begin production on "Fireflies in the Garden" in March. She is repped by WMA, Manager Elizabeth Hodgson and attorney Robert Lange.

  Also cast in "Suspect" are Erik Palladino and Kathleen Munroe. "ER" alum Palladino will play a detective who grew up in the streets. Munroe ("Beautiful People") will play the squad baby.

  "Fugly," from 20th TV and Greg Garcia, revolves around three siblings -- identical twin sisters and a brother -- who buy one sister an extreme makeover and move to Hollywood to cash in on her good looks. Winokur will play the sister who didn't get plastic surgery. Tony winner Winokur (UTA, Valeo Entertainment) co-starred on Fox's "Stacked."

  "Money," from ABC TV Studio, centers on an idealistic young lawyer (Peter Krause) who gets to represent the Darlings, a rich and powerful family. Baldwin will play Patrick Darling, a senator with a wife and kids -- and skeletons in his closet. Baldwin (UTA, Relevant Entertainment, attorney David Matlof) will next be seen in the indies "American Fork" and "Park," both slated to premiere at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival, and in "Adrift in Manhattan."

  The untitled Feldman project, from Warner Bros. TV, revolves around four high-powered CEOs or CEOs-to-be -- three of them played by Titus, Dylan McDermott and Michael Vartan -- who are friends. Titus' character is a senior vp and Harvard graduate with a high-maintenance wife. Titus (APA, Omnipop's Bruce Smith), headlined his own sitcom on Fox.

  Also cast in the Feldman project is Peyton List as McDermott's 19-year-old daughter.

  "Viva," from Sony TV, BBC Worldwide Prods. and CBS Par TV, is a musical about a family man (Lloyd Owen) who dreams of opening a casino in Laughlin, Nev. In the pilot, directed by Gabriele Muccino, Amick will play the guy's wife. The actress most recently co-starred on ABC's "Freddie."

  The untitled D.C. project, from WBTV, is a comedic soap set on Capitol Hill. Olsen, who co-stars on Fox's "The Loop," will play an aide to a Democratic senator who falls for a Senate page who happens to be the daughter of his boss' archnemesis.

  "Apostles," from 20th TV, follows the off-duty lives of cops and their families. Hope, who most recently starred on CW's drama "Runaway," will play a cop's wife and mother of two teenagers who embarks on a career in law.

  "Mastersons," from NBC Uni TV, revolves around wealthy sisters Victoria (Natasha Richardson) and Amanda (Molly Shannon) Masterson. Benben (NBC's "Kingpin") will play the defense attorney for Amanda who is on trial for murder.

  "Daisies," from WBTV, is a romantic procedural about a man (Lee Pace) who can touch the dead and bring them back to life. Kurtz (Showtime's "Huff") will play the guy's aunt.

  "Lipstick," from NBC Uni TV, revolves around a trio of successful and fabulous women, Nico (Kim Raver), Wendy (Brooke Shields) and Victory (Lindsay Price). Basche will play Nico's boss. The actor, who starred in "United 93," will next be seen in "I'll Believe You." Sands, who recently recurred on Fox's "24," will play Nico's husband. David Norona (NBC's "Inconceivable") will play a colleague and friend of Wendy's.

In other pilot casting news:

  Mexican actress Martha Higareda has been cast in CBS' drama pilot "Skip Tracer."

  Kelin Yu (SDB Partners, Main Title Entertainment) has come aboard NBC's alien-themed comedy pilot "Area 52."

  Valerie Azlynn (Innovative Artists, Trademark Talent) has been added to CBS' comedy pilot "The Captain."

  Blake Shields (Showtime's "Sleeper Cell") has joined Fox's New Orleans cop drama pilot "K-Ville."

  Andrew St. John has joined CW's untitled South Africa drama pilot.