Mother of Kevin Spacey Accuser Reveals She's Heard From at Least 8 More Alleged Victims

Heather Unruh on Kevin Spacey allegations from the Megyn Kelly Today show - Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of NBC News Megyn Kelly TODAY

In an interview with Megyn Kelly Monday morning, Heather Unruh claimed there are witnesses and evidence to prove the 'House of Cards' star sexually assaulted her then-18-year-old son.

The mother of one of Kevin Spacey's accusers spoke out against the actor in her first on-air interview, with NBC News' Megyn Kelly Monday morning, revealing she’s heard from “at least eight other alleged Spacey victims."

During her sit-down with Kelly, Heather Unruh spoke candidly about her disheartening feelings for Spacey, claiming that there are more victims who haven’t come forward yet. “To be honest with you, I’ve heard from at least eight other alleged Spacey victims,” Unruh said. “And I think there are so many more who are still afraid to come forward, or are just too embarrassed.”

After giving an emotional press conference on Nov. 8, Unruh has alleged that the House of Cards actor sexually assaulted her then-18-year-old son at the Club Bar restaurant in Nantucket last July. After finishing his shift, Unruh’s son was introduced to Spacey, of whom he was a big fan.

“He was thrilled, thinking, ‘This is going to be the greatest night of my life,'” Unruh said of her son’s initial excitement to meet the actor. After casually speaking for a while, Unruh explained that “out of nowhere,” Spacey made a move on her son. “They talked for a long time, they sang together at the piano, and then out of nowhere, Kevin violated him. And not just once,” Unruh said.

Unruh’s son has filed a police report against the actor and Unruh admitted that there are witnesses and evidence to her and her son’s claims against the actor.

“There is evidence,” Unruh revealed. “Because there’s an ongoing police criminal investigation, I’m not able to talk about what that evidence is. But there is evidence and there are witnesses.”

Aware that Spacey was a once-beloved actor, Unruh said that she only sees him as a predator who deserves to go to jail. “I think he’s run out of using his celebrity. So, I think, we’re not going to stop until he pleads guilty,” Unruh said. 

The mother also described Spacey’s predatory behavior as where he “strikes when they least expect it.” “It’s an abuse of power and fame. He lures them in, making them feel like they’re the greatest person,” Unruh said. “That he’s really interested in what they have to say… He strikes when they least expect it. Just when they start to feel comfortable.”  

Unruh's claims are another addition to the rising accusations against Spacey that have emerged since Star Trek: Discovery actor Rapp alleged that Spacey attempted to make sexual advances toward him when he was 14 years old. Multiple House of Cards employees have also spoken out against the show's star and executive producer, claiming he engaged in inappropriate behavior. Harry Dreyfuss also claimed the actor groped him while in the same room as his father, Richard Dreyfuss.