'Motorcade' picks up Billy Ray

DreamWorks brings on writer-director to reroute project

Script development and presidential motorcades have one essential thing in common: They must stay in motion or bad things will happen.

DreamWorks is applying this mantra to its thriller "Motorcade" by bringing on writer-director Billy Ray to change the script's route and keep the project moving forward. "Motorcade" is an action thriller about terrorists assaulting the president's procession as it snakes through Los Angeles.

Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell sold their original pitch to DreamWorks in November 2004, with Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald producing. David Beaubaire and Jonathan Eirich are the execs steering the project for the studio.

Ray, who is repped by ICM, has embraced a shrewd mix of rewrites on such big-budget fare as "Volcano," "Flightplan" and "State of Play" and more personal writing-directing assignments such as "Shattered Glass," "Breach" and the forthcoming "Hurricane Season" at Universal.