Movement builds with pickups


NEW YORK -- Day-and-date distributor Film Movement has acquired rights to three foreign films: Danish comedy "Adam's Apples," Australian thriller "Noise" and Russian drama "The Island."

"Apples" was Denmark's 2006 Oscar entry, and the latter two screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Anders Thomas Jensen's "Apples" follows an idealistic preacher whose efforts to help small-town criminals are derailed by a neo-Nazi assistant. The film, an entry at last year's Sundance, won the Audience Award at the Warsaw Film Festival in October.

Matthew Saville's "Noise" follows a ne'er-do-well Australian police officer assigned to a remote post after suffering tinnitus, leaving him with an incessant buzz in his ears. His difficulties are compounded when a serial killer begins to haunt his town.

Pavel Lungin's "Island" is a parable following a haunted Russian Orthodox monk whose behavior confuses his colleagues but enthralls those who trek to his small northern Russian island to seek out his healing and soothsaying powers.

Film Movement president Adley Gartenstein negotiated each deal for the distributor. Intercinema XXI Century's Raisa Fomina negotiated for "Island," Nordisk Film's Sanne Arloe negotiated for "Apples" and Arclight Films' Gary Hamilton and Ian Gibbins negotiated for "Noise."