Movie Attendance Hits Five-Year High in Russia

Minions Still 5 - H 2015
Universal Pictures

Minions Still 5 - H 2015

The impressive performance of 'Minions' significantly contributed to the high numbers.

Movie theater attendance in Russia hit a five-year high in July, largely thanks to the remarkable performance of the top grossing movie Minions.

Just under 22 million admissions were registered in July, which is 36.7 percent more than in June, 20.4 percent more than in July 2014 and the highest number over the last five years, said the research company Movie Research.

The impressive numbers were largely explained by the successful theatrical run of Minions, which became the year's highest grossing movie and second highest grossing film of all time, outperformed only by Avatar.

The spinoff of Despicable Me generated 7.67 million admissions in July, followed by Terminator: Genisys with 4.3 million admissions.

Cybernatural, produced by Timur Bekmambetov's Bazelevs, attracted 464,400 admissions, which was the highest number among Russian movies.

July's total box office reached 5.21 billion rubles ($80 million), according to Movie Research, a 34.9 percent increase over June and 19.9 percent up from July 2014.

Meanwhile, local movies did poorly, accounting for only 3.6 percent of the total box office.