Movie birth: 'Baby' leads CBS Sunday


CBS is joining NBC in resurrecting theatrical movies on Sunday. The eye network will air the broadcast network premiere of Oscar-winning "Million Dollar Baby" on May 20, the final Sunday of the May sweep.

After the broadcast networks shunned feature films on Sunday all season, only airing them as counterprogramming to the Super Bowl and around Christmas, NBC said last month that it was bringing back feature films on the night for the May sweep.

So in a throwback to broadcast TV's past when all of the Big Three had a movie night on Sunday, CBS and NBC will both be airing theatrical movies May 20 -- "Baby" and the broadcast premiere of auctioneer "National Treasure," respectively.

But while are NBC reintroducing theatrical movies to Sundays in May as event programming, for CBS it resulted from the network's efforts to run as many original episodes of its Sunday series in a row as possible, leaving them with an empty spot on the final Sunday of the season.

CBS' original movie "Jesse Stone: Sea Change" starring Tom Selleck, which originally was slotted for May 20, was recently moved to May 22.