Movie about freed FARC hostages in the works

Colombia's RCN is set to produce film

MEXICO CITY -- The film division of Colombian network RCN is producing a movie about last week's bold rescue operation of 15 hostages held by leftist rebels.

RCN News said in a Sunday report that Simon Brand, helmer of the immigrant-themed drama "Paraiso Travel," will direct the movie. RCN Cine is looking to partner with a Hollywood studio for the as-yet-untitled project.

The film will center on the daring rescue mission last week by Colombian undercover military operatives, who tricked the rebel group FARC into handing over the hostages. In a plan that unfolded like a Hollywood spy movie, the agents told the FARC they were ordered to transport the captives in helicopter to one of the guerrilla group's leaders.

Among the hostages freed were former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three U.S. military contractors.

RCN hasn't decided in what language the script will be written. The shingle mentioned Colombia, France and the U.S. as possible filming locations.