Movie, TV Location Managers Reach Deal for New Three-Year Contract

Business agent Steve Dayan confirmed that the 600 members of Teamsters Local 399 have reached a tentative agreement on a contract which is expected to be ratified on Tuesday.

Movie and television location managers who are members of the Teamsters Local 399 have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract negotiated with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers, it was confirmed by Steve Dayan, who is Business agent for the Teamsters.

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Dayan would not provide any numbers on increases in the new contract because it has not yet been ratified. That is expected to happen on Tuesday.

However, the contract is likely to follow the pattern of other deals the AMPTP has made with the IATSE as well as the Teamsters. That would be increases of about two percent in each year of the three years and a $1 increase in the producer’s contribution to the health care fund.

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There are about 600 location managers in the Teamsters Local 399. According to their web site, a location manager on a feature film currently makes a minimum of $2,649 per week (with slightly lower rates for key assistant and assistant location managers).


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