Moviegoer Requires Medical Attention at '127 Hours' L.A. Premiere

After calls for 'a doctor in the house,' director Danny Boyle assures the star-studded audience that the incident had nothing to do with film's amputation scene.

An unidentified female spectator collapsed during the Los Angeles premiere of the survival film 127 Hours on Wednesday and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

But the film's director, Danny Boyle, assured the star-studded crowd at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater that the incident had nothing to do with the much-discussed gruesome amputation scene in the movie.

The moviegoer collapsed in her seat midway through the movie, prompting calls for "a doctor in the house," according to witnesses present. She was taken away by ambulance.

Boyle told the audience after the film that the woman was "fine" and that she insisted the collapse was due to an existing medical condition.

"She's fine, she's at Cedars (Sinai Hospital)," said Boyle. "She said it had nothing to do with the movie, bless her."

He then went on to introduce Aron Rolston, the man who survived the ordeal on which the movie is based. The movie's star, James Franco, was also on hand.

The movie had continued without interruption during the medical situation, and the house lights were never raised.

The Beverly Hills Fire Department spokesperson confirmed that they "did receive a call for service and a person was treated and transported."

The film, about a hiker who is forced to cut off his own arm to survive, has led to a series of reported fainting-incidents due to the explicit nature of the pivotal scene. But the incident Wednesday happened long before the amputation scene.