Moviegoers still want to see Mel Gibson films

76% of Americans surveyed aren't bothered by scandals

Mel Gibson's latest scandal is having a relatively small impact on his box office appeal.

In a "60 Minutes"/Vanity Fair poll released Monday, more than three-quarters of Americans said they would not be affected by audiotapes of phone calls, widely reported to be Gibson ranting at his estranged ex-girlfriend, when deciding whether to see one of the Oscar winner's films.

Asked if they were less likely to buy a ticket for a Gibson movie after hearing the tapes, 76% of Americans -- including 80% of men and 72% of women -- picked "No, no effect," in the poll by magazine Vanity Fair and television news program "60 Minutes."

Gibson has in the past been embroiled in other scandals including making anti-Semitic comments to a California police officer in 2006.

Reuters contributed to this report.