Moving Image sets Technicolor exhibit


The American Museum of the Moving Image in New York is launching a Technicolor exhibit and film series. The program coincides with the publication of Scott Higgins' "Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow" from the University of Texas Press.

The AMMI exhibition -- opening SaturdayNov. 17 at the Museum's Astoria, Queens, location -- includes an original Technicolor 3-strip 35mm camera; various peripheral camera components; and a set of vintage movie posters of projects photographed and printed using Technicolor's 3-strip dye-transfer process.

The screening series involves films created using Technicolor processes, including "Becky Sharp," "The Adventures of Robin Hood," "Vertigo" and "Apocalypse Now Redux."

Higgins' book focuses on the development of motion picture color-theory and practice during the seminal decade of the 1930s. The book's final chapter describes the more recent achievements of Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator" and how contemporary Technicolor digital color-science was employed to create a historical palette.