Moving Pictures hires Bennett Media sales

Gary Hirsch joins as senior acquisitions executive

Moving Pictures Film and Television has hired the Bennett Media Worldwide sales team, headed by Paul Rich.

Gary Hirsch, former First Look and Sony Pictures exec, is also joining MPF&TV as senior acquisitions executive.

The BMW team and libraries will be fully integrated into MPF&TV with the support of ICAP Media, a division of ICAP North America. With the addition of BMW's 250 hours of programs to MPF&TV's existing library of 200 motion pictures, the combined total will exceed 600 hours of programming.

Based in New York, ICAP Media managing director Gennaro Buonocore will oversee the effort, with ICAP proving MPF&T the ability to seek and acquire completed and near completion independent films at film festivals. Currently MPF&TV acquisitions executives are in Toronto.

Additionally, MPF&TV has sold "Lost City Raiders," which debuted on SyFy, to First Look Studios.

Most recently MPF&TV acquired Victory Films' catalog of 40 films, headlined by the original "Wild Geese," starring Richard Burton, and "Freedom Road," starring Muhammad Ali.

Other recent acquisitions include the franchise property "Hellraiser IV: Bloodline."

The new MPF&TV offices are located in the Los Angeles headquarters of ICAP Media, where all of the former BMW staff will be housed, including Rich as president, worldwide film & TV sales; Scott Kirkpatrick, manager, international sales; Chris Prince, coordinator, international sales/distribution; and Emilie Dumay, coordinator, film & TV marketing.

They will be joining the Moving Pictures sales team that includes Ted Chalmers, president, film & TV division; Monique Nayard, Paris sales office; Susan Bender, Latin American office; and Ronald Leong, Hong Kong office.