Movio Launches Service for Marketers Targeting Frequent Moviegoers

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

The new service from the New Zealand-headquarter Movio will help studios and exhibitors to pinpoint and motivate the potential ticket-buyers.

Movio, the New Zealand-headquarter company which specializes in gathering marketing data and analysis for exhibitors, studios and film distributors, is launching a new product Movio Media, which will allow movie marketers to analyze and connect with those frequent moviegoers who see six films or more a year for more targeted messaging, the company announced today.

According to Movio, Movio Media, which has been Beta-tested by U.S. studios and distributors, will allow marketers to learn when audiences can be expected to show up for a movie (whether on opening weekend or later), which, in turn, will allow studios to tailor marketing strategies to isolate a target audience and motivate them to attend a film through exhibition loyalty programs.

“Now movie marketers can work with the actual, real time feedback of millions of people,” Movio CEO William Palmer, who co-founded the company in New Zealand in 2010 with Peter Beguely, said. “The data can be used to conceive more effective overall strategies, fine tune trailers through testing, provide interactive communication with the moviegoer, etc. Movio Media aggregates data across a region to provide film distributors and studios with comprehensive market data, delivering crucial audience insights and innovative campaign solutions never before available.”

"While it is early days, we are impressed by the breadth and depth of demographic and transactional data about active moviegoers available in the Movio Media platform, as well as the ability to contact these individuals and track their activity right through to purchasing tickets," Lewis Oberlander, SVP, market research at Warner Bros., commented.

Movio already operates the Movio Cinema platform, which works with theater operators running nearly 16,000 screens worldwide, to provide real-time data on the loyalty activity and transactions of customers at cinema chains around the world.

“At Regal Entertainment Group, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the film industry, so our partnership with Movio is a perfect fit,” said Ken Thewes, CMO at Regal Entertainment Group, one of the chains that has already been working with Movie. “I strongly believe that Movio Media will help transform the film industry providing movie-going insights we've never seen before.”