MPA anti-piracy trailer kicks off Asia campaign

One of seven created for the region

SINGAPORE -- The Motion Picture Assn. and Singapore's Intellectual Property Office (IPOS) launched their latest anti-piracy movie trailer Monday as part of a region-wide crack down on illegal camcording in cinemas across the Asia-Pacific region.

The trailer also is part of the MPA Asia Pacific's 25th anniversary celebrations in Singapore.

The 30-second trailer is one of seven anti-piracy videos being developed specifically for the Asia-Pacific region by the end of June this year, according to Neil Gane, the MPA's Singapore-based senior director of operations.

In Singapore, the trailers will screen before feature films in about 180 cinemas nationwide, the MPA said.

The trailers are the first-ever made for the region by the MPA's Singapore-based Asia Pacific headquarters, Gane said. Previous made-in-Asia anti-piracy videos were all produced locally, on an ad-hoc basis.

The regional campaign is being made in Malaysia by KRU Films, which produced last year's hit feature film "Cicak-Man."

The first trailer -- focusing on a buyer who rejects a pirate CD -- was released in New Zealand in March.

The trailers will run alongside a sub-campaign titled "Make a Difference," which will help cinema staffers deal with people they catch camcording.

Both the trailers and the "Make a Difference" initiative are part of the MPA's 13-country "Operation Tripod," which launched at the beginning of May and will run to the end of June this year.

In the past 12 months, 20 instances of camcording were reported or forensically matched to cinemas in the Asia-Pacific region, the MPA said.