MPA launches China IPR Day program

Anti-piracy campaign paired with 'Forbidden Kingdom'

SHANGHAI -- The MPA launched an anti-piracy campaign in China this week, ahead of World Intellectual Property Day on Saturday.

The trailer is shown together with the Jackie Chan/Jet Li vehicle "The Forbidden Kingdom," expected to be seen by 10 million people during the next two weeks, an MPA spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter.

The trailer is titled "What Are You Really Burning" and shows a picture of the "Forbidden Kingdom" movie poster consumed by flames. A voiceover reminds the audience of the damage that illegal downloading can do to a movie industry.

The MPA also will distribute 300,000 copies of an educational booklet outlining the dangers of illegal file-sharing to university students.

According to the MPA, piracy in China costs the film industry more than 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion) in losses each year, although the U.S. remains Hollywood's biggest market for losses because of piracy.

In addition, earlier in the week, state-run media reported a deal between the MPA and China's seven most popular movie download Web sites, under which the Web sites promised to remove any illegally uploaded programs after being notified by the MPA or its members.