MPA settles with China online pirates


HONG KONG -- Five MPA member companies have reached a settlement with three Chinese entities, stemming from charges that the trio illegally provided 20 Hollywood films for download, the MPA said Thursday.

Beijing Jeboo Interactive Science & Technology, East Cyber Cafe Tongxin Road Shop and San Yi Industry and Trading, will pledge publicly to cease illegal distribution of such MPA member titles as "Click," "Hitch" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."

A civil conciliation statement is set to be endorsed by the court outlining the terms of the settlement. The MPA did not disclose the terms, but said in a statement that it involves a pledge to cease illegal distribution of MPA member company titles, along with an apology and monetary compensation.

The MPA members filed suit Sept. 28 and Dec. 25 in the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate Court after a police investigation found that member titles were available at the Shanghai Internet cafe via Jeboo's platform.

Jeboo is a subscription entertainment platform that covers everything from movies and music to sports and cartoons, with content updated daily. East Cyber Cafe and San Yi paid a monthly subscription fee to Jeboo for the service to be available for their users.