MPA unveils Indian anti-piracy trailer


NEW DELHI -- The MPA on Wednesday announced a new anti-piracy movie trailer that will be aired on News Corp.'s Star India network beginning in July and later screen in cinemas nationwide.

The trailer is dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages and is aimed at making Indian moviegoers aware of the laws protecting copyright and encouraging the public to reject online piracy and illicit DVDs.

The project is a collaboration between the MPA, Star India and Mumbai-based production house Quality Cine
Labs ,which offered its print duplication and dubbing services for free.

Said MPA senior vp and regional director, Asia Pacific Mike Ellis: "India boasts one of the world's greatest movie industries, with Indian films popular the world over; however, the effects of film piracy touch millions of Indian people and cause significant economic and social damage."

The trailer comes near the end of the MPA's two-month-long regionwide anti-piracy enforcement campaign, Operation Tripod, which is running in 13 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region.

The MPA estimates that piracy in India affects the Indian film industry more than its U.S. counterpart, with only 20% of pirated goods infringing copyrights of foreign film titles. According to Indian government estimates, the Indian industry loses up to $35 million annually to piracy.

In 2005, MPA member studios lost $6.1 billion worldwide to piracy, with the Asia-Pacific region accounting for $1.2 billion of the total. Piracy losses in the U.S. accounted for $1.3 billion.

In 2006, the MPA investigated more than 30,000 cases of piracy in the Asia-Pacific region and assisted law enforcement officials in conducting nearly 12,400 raids. These activities resulted in the initiation of more than 11,000 legal actions.