MPAA Announces Two New Staff Appointments

9 REP Chris Dodd
Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

President and CEO Chris Dodd said Monday that Cybele Daley and Anna Soellner have joined the organization as vice presidents of government affairs and corporate communications, respectively.

MPAA President and CEO Chris Dodd announced two key appointments Monday that he said would broaden the “depth and breadth of our team.”

Cybele Daley is the new senior vice president, government affairs, and Anna Soellner is named as vice president, corporate communications.

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Daley has been promoted to job formerly held by Michael O’Leary, who was promoted. She now will report to O’Leary.

Daley will be responsible for developing the agenda for activities on the federal level, including strategy and implementation. That includes congress, agencies and regulators. She will also be primary liaison to the members companies on dealing with those entities. 

She was previously Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, and held other positions at Justice, Treasury and elsewhere. 

"Cybele Daley is a MPAA veteran, “ said Dodd, “forging close alliances between the creative industry and Capitol Hill. She is a respected voice for this community.” 

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Soellner will oversee “message strategy and public programming,” according to the announcement, reporting to Laura Nichols, exec vp for global communications.

Soellner was previously vp for communications at the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank. She has also been assistant to the legislator at the office of Martin Lee, chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, and held positions at the Treasury Department and with California Sen. Diane Feinstein.

Anna Soellner joins us from one the most innovative communications shops in DC,” said Dodd, “and she will help us explain just how movies matter from job creation to being America's cultural touchstone."