MPAA Chief Chris Dodd Responds to Obama's Comments on Sony Hack

Christopher Dodd Horizontal - H 2013
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Christopher Dodd Horizontal - H 2013

The president discussed the devastating studio hack in his State of the Union address Tuesday.

Motion Picture Association of America chairman and CEO Chris Dodd responded to President Barack Obama's State of the Union remarks about the Sony hack.

"Tonight, President Obama made it clear in the State of the Union Address that securing our nation's cyberspace for businesses, public networks and consumers is a top priority," Dodd said in a statement. "The Internet is a flourishing source for creativity and economic growth. And yet, as the devastating cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment reminds us, this incredible and connected digital space is also littered with sophisticated criminal actors intent on unsettling businesses, invading consumer privacy and exposing competitive trade secrets and digital products."

"We fully support the President's commitment to addressing this pressing issue and look forward to working alongside the administration, Congress and all members of the online ecosystem to strengthen and secure the Internet for everyone," Dodd continued.

In his speech Tuesday, Obama said that "no hacker should be able to shut down our networks." He implored Congress to pass legislation that will prevent further cyber threats.