MPAA Close to Naming Chris Dodd Its New Chairman (Report)

Bloomberg/Getty Images

An announcement may be made early this week.

The Motion Picture Association of America is close to naming former Democratic senator Chris Dodd as its new chairman, the New York Times reports, citing two people with knowledge of the matter.

A contract announcement may come early this week.

An MPAA spokesperson had no comment. A rep for Dodd could not be reached.

The organization has been looking for a new chairman for roughly a year.

Dodd is known for working with both sides of the political aisle and is also connected in the nation's capital, characteristics the MPAA values. Dodd has had a long career in the Senate and worked multiple terms in Congress. He campaigned to run for president in 2008.

But he doesn't just have connections win politics. The ex-Connecticut senator is also friends with Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels.

If a deal comes through, Dodd would be replacing Dan Glickman.