MPAA Launches Consumer-Facing Website

Trade organization creates, showing industry's behind-the-scenes work and promoting products.

The Hollywood trade organization best known for its lobbying launched its first web site aimed at consumers Thursday. will be updated daily with mostly feature articles about movies, television, the process of making them, and other stories meant to bring consumers closer to the industry.

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“This is new for us,” says Kate Bedingfield, the MPAA’s DC-based director of strategic communications. “It represents a new approach for us to tell the story of story-telling.”

Freelance writers will create the content, as well as videos and other material. Bedingfield says the site will also show movie trailers from MPAA's member companies.

This is not a reaction to the MPAA's problems getting anti-piracy legislation passed, according to Bedingfield, and does not replace the group's regular site, where news announcements are posted.

“This site,” says Bedingfield, “is about giving movie lovers a view of what goes on behind the screen.”