MPAA has some problems with our friends to the north


What countries have the most troublesome trade barriers against U.S. filmed entertainment?

China, India, Mexico, Russia and — surprise! — Canada are listed among the top foreign offenders that the MPAA believes "merit priority attention" from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

MPAA chief Dan Glickman in a letter accompanying a report submitted to the Trade Representative cites Canada as "a safe haven" for Internet pirates and its failure to bring its copyright laws up to date.

However, the USTR's 2008 Special 301 Report, issued April 25, puts Canada on a "lower level Watch List" that also includes Mexico and 36 other trading partners.

"Canada," the USTR said, "has taken some significant steps in the past year and, given the importance of the outstanding issues and maturity of its economy, we look forward to additional action in the coming months on IP reforms identified as key priorities by the government of Canada."

The USTR agrees that China and Russia still raise concerns.

The Special 301 Report covers 46 countries, classified as being on a Priority Watch List, a Watch List, or on a monitoring list. (partialdiff)