MPAA Promotes Duo Within Its Content Protection Team

A day after announcing the creation of a chief technology policy officer position, the MPAA continued to beef up its anti-piracy team with a pair of promotions announced Thursday.

Former Michigan State Police director Mike Robinson is being upped to executive vice president, content protection, chief of operations. Kevin Suh was named senior vice president, content protection, Internet.

MPAA senior EVP and chief content protection officer Daniel Mandil said in a statement, "Mike continues to be a prime mover behind many of the MPAA’s most significant investigative and law enforcement achievements particularly in key strategic areas concerning anti-camcording and counterfeit hard goods. With rapidly changing technologies and an evolving media landscape, Mike’s operational leadership and his keen knowledge of law enforcement will be key to further deepening the MPAA’s cooperation and coordination with law enforcement agencies in the U.S. at the local, state and federal levels and abroad."

In his expanded role, Suh, a former deputy district attorney in Ventura County, Calif, will continue to oversee the MPAA’s worldwide content protection enforcement strategies and operations as they relate to content theft on the Internet.