mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"CJ7" (rated for for language, thematic material, some rude humor and brief smoking) Sony Pictures Classics


"A Good Man is Hard to Find" (rated for some violent content, sexuality, drug material and language) CodeBlack Entertainment

"Gringo Wedding"* (rated for some sexual content) Univision Home Entertainment

"Meet the Browns" (rated for drug content, language including sexual references, thematic elements and brief violence) Lionsgate


"Carriers"** (rated for violent content) Paramount Vantage

"Frost/Nixon" (rated for some language) Universal Studios

"Kiss the Bride" (rated for sexual content and language) Regent Releasing

"Lost Boys: The Tribe" (rated for strong vampire violence and gore, language, sexuality and some drug use) Warner Premiere

"Outpost" (rated for for strong violence and language) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

"Pineapple" (rated for for strong drug and sexual content, nudity, violence and language) Maverick Entertainment Group

"Strictly Sexual" (rated for strong sexual content including graphic dialogue, pervasive language and some drug use) Strictly XMD Prods.

"Orville"*** (rated for sadistic bloody violence and some language) Grindstone Entertainment Group


"Frontier(s)"**** After Dark Films

*Edited version. Content is different from R version (4/4).

** Pending appeal.

*** Amended rating reason.

**** The rating for this film has been surrendered. This film is unrated as of 1/22.