mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"Arthur and the Invisibles" (rated for fantasy action and brief suggestive material) MGM


"Delta Farce" (rated for crude and sexual humor) Lionsgate

"First Born" (rated for violence/ terror) First Look Home Entertainment


"Bad Reputation" (rated for violence including rape, sexual content, language and substance abuse — all involving teens) Winning Edge Partners*

"Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary" (rated for nonstop language, crude sexual content and drug use) Illville Films Llc.

"Glastonbury" (rated for nudity, drug use, language and some sexual content) ThinkFilm

"Honor" (rated for brutal violence and some language) Monterey Media Inc.

"The Parallel" (rated for sexuality, language, some drug use and brief violence) Piandaryan Films Llc.

"Paris, je t'aime" (rated for language and brief drug use) First Look Pictures

"Premium" (rated for language) CodeBlack Entertainment

"Primeval" (rated for strong graphic violence, brutality, terror and language) Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

"Raiders of the Damned" (rated for violence and some language) Image Entertainment Inc.

"Sex Sells" (rated for strong sexual content and language) Screen Media Ventures Llc.

"State's Evidence" (rated for strong disturbing violent content including a graphic killing rampage, child rape/murder, suicidal behavior, pervasive language and some sexual content — all involving teens) Terra Entertainment

"Sunshine" (rated for violent content and language) 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

"Talk To Me" (rated for pervasive language and some sexual content) Focus Features

"Them" (rated for some violence/ terror) Slowhand Releasing

* Listed as production company.