mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"Americanizing Shelley" (rated for sensuality and some language) American Pride Films Group

"Are We Done Yet?" (rated for some innuendos and brief language) Columbia Pictures

"The Convent" (rated for some sexual content) Lionsgate


"Untitled Reggaeton Project" (rated for sexual content, violence, some drug use, language and innuendos) Sony BMG Film


"After the Wedding" (rated for some language and a scene of sexuality) IFC Films

"Creepshow 3" (rated for bloody horror violence and gore, language, some drug use and sexual material) HBO Video

"Gangs of the Dead" (rated for strong violence and gore, pervasive language and brief drug use) Screen Media Ventures Llc.

"Georgia Rule" (rated for sexual content and some language) Universal Studios

"Journey From the Fall" (rated for some violence) ImaginAsian Pictures

"Last Stop for Paul"* (rated for some drug use and sexual references) Mandt Bros. Prods.

"The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico" (rated for language and drug content) ThinkFilm

"Life of the Party" (rated for language) ThinkFilm

"Live Free or Die" (rated for pervasive language including sex references) ThinkFilm

"Richard Speck: Chicago Massacre" (rated for disturbing sadistic violence including rape, terror, sexuality, language and some drug content) Lionsgate

"Rogue" (rated for language and some creature violence) the Weinstein Co.

"Scary Sexy Disaster Movie" (rated for strong sexuality, nudity and language) EI Independent Cinema Llc.

"Steel Toes" (rated for a brutal attack and for language) Monterey Media Inc.

"Yellow" (rated for sexuality, nudity and language) Hannibal Pictures

* Intends to appeal to the CARA Appeals Board.