mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure" HBO Video


"The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby" (rated for some mild peril) Monarch Home Video

"Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale" (rated for some mild thematic elements) Candlelight Media Group Inc.

"Saint Monica" (rated for some mild thematic elements) Allumination FilmWorks Llc.


"Blades of Glory" (rated for crude and sexual humor, language, a comic violent image and some drug references) Paramount Pictures

"Freedom Fighters"* (rated for some violence) Ness Sound Llc.

"Last Stop for Paul"** (rated for some drug use, sexual content and a disturbing image) Mandt Bros. Prods.


"Atonement" (rated for disturbing war images, language and some sexuality) Focus Features

"Bachelor Party Massacre" (rated for violence, sexuality, nudity and language) Trinity Home Entertainment

"Believers" (rated for language) Warner Home Video

"Beyond the Gates" (rated for strong violence, disturbing images and language) IFC Films

"Downtown: A Street Tale" (rated for language, sexual content, drug use and some violent images) Slowhand Cinema Releasing

"Fay Grim" (rated for language and some sexuality) Magnolia Pictures

"If I Had Known I Was a Genius" (rated for language) Genius Film Co.

"Memory" (rated for language and frightening images) Echo Bridge Entertainment

"Mummy Maniac" (rated for violence, nudity and some language) SNP Inc.

"You and Your Stupid Mate" (rated for language and some rude humor) Lightning Home Entertainment


"Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story"* (rated for explicit sexuality) Comstock Films

* Short subject.

** Original R rating has been changed by the appeals board (2/7).