mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"Modern Man" Becker-Swibel Productions Llc.


"Deck the Halls" (rated for some crude and suggestive humor, and for language) 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

"White Men Can't Dance" (rated for some language and mild thematic elements) WMCD Llc.*

"The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided" (rated for some violence) Excel Entertainment Group


"The Fountain"** (rated for some intense sequences of violent action, some sensuality and language) Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.

"Fragile" (rated for intense sequences of terror/violence, and some thematic elements) MGM Distribution Co.

"The Invincible Iron Man" (rated for action violence and some sensuality) Lionsgate


"Black Book" (rated for some strong violence, graphic nudity, sexuality and language) Sony Pictures Classics

"Blood Descendants" (rated for horror violence, language and some sexuality) Synthetic Cinema International

"The Brink" (rated for violence, language and brief nudity) Maverick Entertainment Group Inc.

"Bunny Whipped" (rated for language) ThinkFilm

"Carnal" (rated for violence/gore, sexuality and nudity) MTI Home Video

"D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers" (rated for brief sexuality) Totem Inc.

"Inland Empire" (rated for language, some violence and sexuality/nudity) Absurda Inc.

"Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door" (rated for sadistic torture and sexual abuse, nudity, language and strong sexual dialogue — all involving children) Modern Girl Productions Llc.*

"The Last Letter" (rated for violence and nudity) MTI Home Video

"Mr. Fix It" (rated for some sexual content) First Look Home Entertainment

"Psychopathia Sexualis" (rated for strong sexual content including aberrant and deviant behavior, graphic nudity, some violence and disturbing images) Kino International Corp.

"Slumber Party" (rated for pervasive language and brief drug content) Image Entertainment Inc.

"Sublime" (rated for disturbing violent content, language and sexuality) Warner Home Video Inc.

"Unrest" (rated for violence/gore, nudity and some language) Freestyle Releasing

*Listed as production company.

** Rerate. Film edited. Previous R rating voided. Only this edited version is rated (4/5).