mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"An Arctic Tale" Paramount Classics


"God Grew Tired of Us" (rated for thematic elements and some disturbing images) Newmarket Films


"Her Minor Thing" (rated for sexual content) First Look Home Entertainment

"Mama's Foot" (rated for some sex-related humor) Universal Music Video Distribution

"Year of the Dog" (rated for some suggestive references) Paramount Vantage


"Awake" (rated for language, an intense disturbing situation, and brief drug use) The Weinstein Co.

"The Death and Life of Bobby Z" (rated for violence, some drug use, language and brief nudity) Block Prods.*

"The Gravedancers" (rated for strong horror violence/terror and some language) Freestyle Releasing

"Islander" (rated for language and brief sexuality) Sternman Productions Llc.

"Michael Clayton" (rated for language including some sexual dialogue) Warner Bros. Pictures

"Rx" (rated for drug content, language, some violence and nudity) Screen Media Ventures Llc.

"Speaking of Sex" (rated for strong sexual content and language) Lionsgate

"Steel City" (rated for language and brief drug use) Your Half Pictures

"The Tripper" (rated for strong horror violence and gore, drug content, language and some sexuality/nudity) Freestyle Releasing

"Wilderness" (rated for strong violence and gore, language and a scene of sexuality) First Look Home Entertainment

* Listed as production company.