mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"Care Bears In Oopsy Does It" Kidtoon Films, Inc.


"The List" (rated for thematic elements including some peril and brief incidental smoking) the List Prods.


"The Band's Visit" (rated for brief strong language) Sony Pictures Classics

"The Bourne Ultimatum" (rated for violence and intense sequences of action) Universal Studios

"Cover" (rated for mature thematic material, sexual situations and language, violence and some drug content) 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

"The Kite Runner" (rated for strong thematic material including the rape of a child, violence and brief strong language) Paramount Pictures Corp.

"Feel the Noise"* (rated for sensuality and innuendos, violence, some drug use and language) TriStar Pictures


"30 Days of Night" (rated for strong horror violence and language) Columbia Pictures

"BloodRayne: Deliverance" (rated for violence and language) Vivendi Visual Entertainment

"Cleaner" (rated for bloody images, some violence and language) MWP Prods.

"Deceit" (rated for sexuality, language and some violence) ThinkFilm

"Fat Girls" (rated for strong sexual content including graphic dialogue, language and some drug/ alcohol use — all involving teens) Regent Releasing

"Great World of Sound" (rated for language) Magnolia Pictures

"The Nines" (rated for language, some drug content and sexuality) Newmarket Films

"Redrum" (rated for for language, some violence and sexual content) First Look Home Entertainment

"Trick R Treat" (rated for horror violence, some sexuality/nudity and language) Warner Bros. Pictures

"Tryst" (rated for sexuality, language, drug use and brief violence) Maverick Entertainment Group

*Amended rating reason. Rated PG-13 (Bulletin No. 1956).
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