mpaa ratings


The following films were assigned ratings in the latest weekly bulletin issued by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration:


"Moondance Alexander" Riviera Films

"Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" 20th Century Fox


"Bee Movie" (rated for mild suggestive humor, and a brief depiction of smoking) Paramount Pictures

"Bonneville" (rated for some mild language and innuendo) 20th Century Fox


"Moonpie" (rated for sexual content and brief strong language) Film and Music Entertainment

"Persepolis" (rated for mature thematic material including violent images, sexual references, language and brief drug content) Sony Pictures Classics


"Aliens vs. Predator — Requiem" (rated for violence, gore and language) 20th Century Fox

"The Box" (rated for violence and language) CodeBlack Entertainment & Universal Studios

"Control" (rated for language and brief sexuality) the Weinstein Co.

"The Good Night" (rated for language and some sexual content) Yari Film Group Releasing

"Guy X" (rated for language and some sexual content) First Look Home Entertainment

"The Hunting Party" (rated for strong language and some violent content) the Weinstein Co.

"New York Serenade" (rated for language, brief sexuality and drug use) Archer Entertainment

"Pathology" (rated for disturbing and perverse behavior throughout, including violence, gruesome images, strong sexual content, nudity, drug use and language) Lakeshore Entertainment Group

"Shoot 'Em Up" (rated for pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language) New Line Cinema

"Smother"* (rated for some sexual references) Smother Prods.

"Stop Loss"** (rated for graphic violence and pervasive language) Paramount Pictures

* Intends to appeal to the CARA appeals board.

** Rerate. Film edited. Content is different from R-rated version (6/6). Rating did not change, but rating reason has been changed.