MPAA Head Chris Dodd Calls for Meeting Between Hollywood, Tech Giants to Reach SOPA Compromise

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He calls the White House “the perfect place" to hammer out a deal to save the anti-piracy legislation.

NEW YORK - MPAA head Chris Dodd would welcome a summit meeting between Internet companies and content companies, maybe convened by the White House, to look for a compromise on the much-discussed anti-piracy bill known as the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA.

“The perfect place to do it is a block away from here,” Dodd told the New York Times, pointing from his office in Washington to the nearby White House, the paper said.

A Senate vote on Tuesday will show whether opponents have succeeded in derailing that chamber’s version of the anti-piracy legislation, the Times said.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that the MPAA and its member studios are preparing a $3 million print and online advertising campaign to hit back at opponents of the much-discussed Internet anti-piracy bill. But a spokesman for the MPAA said the report was not accurate.


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