MPAA symposium panelists set


WASHINGTON -- The MPAA announced its slate of industry leaders who will participate in the association's Feb. 6 symposium designed to help teach lawmakers and Washington policy wonks the economics of show business.

The Business of Show Business is an attempt by the MPAA to show just what goes into making a movie or television show and how policy made in the capital effects Hollywood.

The list of panelists range from Oscar-winning directors and producers Steven Soderbergh, Taylor Hackford and Lili Zanuck to BitTorrent chief Ashwin Navin, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif.

While they aren't listed among the panelists, a string of top studio executives is expected to attend including Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of News Corp. and chairman and CEO of the Fox Group; Brad Grey, chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures; Michael Lynton, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment; Barry Meyer, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment; and Ron Meyer, president and chief operating officer of Universal Studios.