MPI on edge with Dokument label


NEW YORK -- MPI Media Group is launching Dokument Films, an indie theatrical, DVD and digital-download distribution label dedicated to edgy fare from around the world.

The first acquisitions for its library are three fall DVD retail releases: Jeff Garlin's John Waters docu "This Filthy World," Volker Schlondorff's German historical drama "Strike" and Shane O'Sullivan's docu "RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy." "Strike" and "World" were released theatrically as well as released by Red Envelope Entertainment on Netflix. "RFK" will make its debut on DVD in November.

MPI president Malik Ali said his execs will attend this month's Toronto International Film Festival with an eye toward potential theatrical and home video distribution. Dokument vp acquisitions and development Greg Newman said the company will look to expand MPI's more than 30-year home video distribution business into the theatrical realm to fill a gap in the marketplace.

"Around the world, great filmmakers are making unique and thought-provoking films," Newman said. "Yet the independent film industry has changed so much these last few years that many of these original and important films are not being released. MPI is ideally positioned to ensure that these films find their audience in America."

MPI's other distribution labels are MPI Home Entertainment, Dark Sky Films and the WPA Film Library. Features in its catalog include "Baraka," "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" and "Becket."