MPTF consolidates long-term patients

54 residents at two care units are being consolidated

The Motion Picture and Television Fund tentatively will move residents of two long-term care facilities on its Woodland Hills retirement campus into a single medical unit.

The consolidation of 54 residents of the two care units is in line with the MPTF's incremental closing of its long-term care facilities and a hospital on the campus. Eventually, residents cared for in the units set to close will be moved to off-campus facilities operated by other companies.

The moves have stirred unrest among some of the families of those affected. But the MPTF said Tuesday that officials remain committed to completing the transition, including an expanded emphasis on home-based medical services for Hollywood retirees served by the MPTF.

The facilities were tagged for closure because of projected long-term financial shortages at the MPTF. The fund's chief, Bob Beitcher, said the consolidation of long-term care residents will better serve their needs while still accommodated on-campus.

"From an operational perspective, it will help us maintain our high level of service and run long-term care more efficiently and cost-effectively," he said.

"We are still expecting to incur shortfalls in 2010 of more than $10 million," Beitcher added. "Our staff is continuing to work with residents and their caregivers to identify other acceptable accommodations in the community prior to the closure of long-term care."
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