MPTF, Delta Air Lines Partner on Emergency Assistance Travel Program

Courtesy of ABImages
Ken Scherer, CEO of MPTF Foundation

The multi-year deal provides travel assistance to Foundation members and their families.

The Motion Picture & Television Fund and Delta Air Lines have partnered in a multi-year program that will provide an emergency assistance travel program for members and their families.

In partnership with Delta, MPTF's official airline sponsor, the Emergency Assistance Travel Program will provide flight vouchers to eligible industry members or immediate family members who are in need and experience a medical emergency or must undergo medical treatment in another location.

"We really are here for people in the industry who experience a momentary hard time, whatever that looks like for them," Ken Scherer, CEO of MPTF Foundation, told The Hollywood Reporter. "It allows us to help someone's life somewhere without dipping into our financial services."

Delta’s partnership augments MPTF’s $2 million assistance fund. "It allows the person to travel without having to worry that they can't afford it," said Scherer.

Scherer noted a female MPTF member undergoing cancer treatment has already taken advantage of the program. "We're looking to help people who have some legitimate need for travel," he said. "It's important that people know if there's a crisis, we can help them; and if that crisis also involves travel, this is just another opportunity to serve the industry."

The emergency program is an extension of Delta's ongoing partnership with the MPTF, which also includes the airline's support of the foundation's Hollywood events — The Evening Before, The Night Before, among others — that are focused on bringing together film and TV talent to raise funding and awareness.

"We got to know MPTF's mission and we thought this is such an amazing thing in terms of them looking out for people in their industry. Given that the film and TV industry gives so much to Delta, we wanted to replicate with other non-profits around the country and do our bit there," Ranjan Goswami, Delta Vice President – Sales, West., told THR of the three-year partnership. "Those vouchers will be available for MPTF to use. People have different reasons to use them: it can be a medical emergency, it can be a family emergency, it can be a host of things. Folks needs to travel for different reasons and for those who can't afford that at that time, this is meant to help."

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation and Chairman of the MPTF Foundation said in a statement, "I can’t think of a better way for Delta to impact the lives of those working in the entertainment industry than to partner with MPTF to provide support in times of crisis and need."

On Sept. 19, Delta will return for the second year as the MPTF's presenting sponsor for the The Evening Before, a gathering of industry members who gather to celebrate the evening before the Emmy Awards.