MPTF launches blog for service updates

To focus on plans to close facilities on retirement campus

The Motion Picture & Television Fund has launched a blog on its Web site to disseminate information about changes in services for Hollywood retirees.

The blog will focus on plans to close a long-term care facility and a hospital on MPTF's large retirement campus in Woodland Hills. Links to the blog also have been created on YouTube and Facebook, officials said Thursday.

The closure plans have been a flash point for controversy, drawing sharp complaints from some of the families affected by the moves.

The unpaid industry execs who serve on MPTF's corporate and fundraising boards contend that much of the criticism has resulted from inaccurate or incomplete information regarding the reason for the closures, which they stress are necessary to save other MPTF operations. Those include an area-wide network of heath clinics and the decades-old retirement campus.

"Right now, the focus is on clarifying misinformation that is out there about the long-term care closure and giving industry members the facts," MPTF spokesman Steven Honig said.

Called Talk to Us, the blog will encourage people to communicate with MPTF representatives. The blog also will address a variety of issues related to senior health care and wellness.