MPTF releases salary info on ex-CEO

Group countering claims David Tillman got a big pay raise

The Motion Picture and Television Fund on Thursday released compensation information on resigned CEO David Tillman in a bid to counter claims that he had received a big pay increase between 2007 and 2008.

In 2008, Tillman received base pay of $462,010 and $152,764 in additional compensation for total pay of $614,774. The previous year, he had been paid a total of $610,627 in compensation in various categories.

Information on Tillman's 2009 pay won't be made available until related tax documents are filed by the MPTF.

Tillman and his pay became the subject of intense scrutiny after the MPTF announced plans to close a long-term care facility and hospital on the campus of its Woodland Hills retirement community. The industry-funded institution Tuesday named longtime MPTF board member Bob Beitcher as interim CEO while a search is conducted for a permanent chief.

"It's open-ended," Beitcher said Thursday of his interim role.

The search for a full-time CEO is expected to take several months.

As for the Tillman pay controversy, Beitcher said critics have been wrong to compare his salary with the average nursing-home administrator's pay. Tillman supervised a more diversified portfolio of operations and thus warranted a higher rate of pay, the interim chief said.

The salary of the permanent CEO is "yet to be decided and driven by market forces," Beitcher said.