'Mr Bean' Star Rowan Atkinson Wrecks Million Dollar McLaren F1 Supercar, Walks Away

AFP/Getty Images

VIDEO: The actor was taken to hospital with an injured shoulder after leaving the mangled vehicle burning at the roadside. No other vehicles were involved.

LONDON - Mr Bean and Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson has been taken to hospital after spectacularly crashing his 230 miles-per-hour MacLaren F1 supercar and walking away.

The actor, who has had the car since 2007 when he bought it for over a million dollars, was lucky to escape the burning and mangled vehicle with his life, and was taken to a local hospital in Cambridge suffering from superficial injuries. He is expected to be discharged later Friday.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened after the vehicle is thought to have spun out of control on a wet road Thursday night, spun around several times and hit the side of the road, bringing down a tree.

The car, one of the fastest cars to be licensed for general road driving, is a limited edition vehicle that now can cost as much as four million dollars.

"We were called to a single vehicle road traffic collision at 7.30pm on the A605 at Haddon," a spokesman for East of England Ambulance Service said, speaking about an incident Thursday night.

A man was taken to hospital in Peterborough with "a minor shoulder injury," the spokesman added.

Reps for Atkinson said the actor had no comment to make.