MSNBC Adds New Shows to Sunday Lineup

Getty Images
Kasie Hunt

Kasie Hunt is getting her own 2-hour show on Sunday nights.

MSNBC, riding high on recent ratings growth, announced plans to add more live programming on Sundays, including a two-hour evening show called Kasie D.C. hosted by Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt.

The network also announced that Yasmin Vossoughian will host the 4 p.m. hour of MSNBC Live (MSNBC Live With Yasmin Vossoughian) and Ayman Mohyeldin will host the 5 p.m. hour (MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin).

The new schedule, which begins Oct. 15, will include programming until 9 p.m. on Sundays. It was reported in July that Hunt was in talks to get her own show and in September that Mohyeldin would get his own show, though the network would not confirm either report.

Hunt's show will include her "interviewing newsmakers and previewing Monday's key headlines to help viewers jump-start the week ahead," according to the announcement.

With the success of MSNBC's weekday programming, the network has been expected to start adding more original and live content to its weekend lineup. Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt was recently given his own 30-minute show on Saturday mornings.