MSNBC, CNN Devote 40 Times More Coverage to Josh Duggar Scandal Than Fox News

Josh & Anna Duggar - Family Picture - TLC
Courtesy of TLC

Liberal group Media Matters for America claims that Fox News gave the scandal less than two minutes of airtime in four days.

CNN and MSNBC are about 40 times more interested in the Josh Duggar molestation scandal than Fox News Channel, according to numbers crunched by Media Matters for America.

The progressive watchdog group said Wednesday that from May 21-24, CNN dedicated an hour and four minutes to the news that Duggar, a star of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, had molested girls when he was a teenager more than a decade ago. MSNBC gave the story almost 58 minutes, while Fox News spent just 1 minute and 20 seconds on the controversy.

Naturally, Media Matters sees pro-conservative bias in the decision by Fox News to downplay the story, given the organization's assertion that Fox News leans right and Duggar is a Republican who worked for the Christian group Family Research Council until details of the scandal leaked.

"During the May 24 broadcast of Media Buzz, Fox News' media critic Howard Kurtz even criticized other media outlets for 'piling on' by highlighting the Duggar family's ties to prominent Republican politicians," Media Matters wrote in its study released Wednesday.

Video of that Fox News segment is below.

Media Matters said it used Nexis, IQMedia and TV Eyes to search the three primary news networks on cable television, then it excluded reruns and teases and all mentions of Duggar that came between midnight and the "beginning of the next day's news cycle."

The group also used its study to slam the Family Research Council as a "hate group" for its opposition to same-sex marriage and to assert that representatives from the group are "a regular fixture" on Fox News.