MT&R now Paley Center


The Museum of Television & Radio has changed its name to more accurately reflect today's evolving media landscape, the organization said Tuesday.

Now called the Paley Center for Media, the new name is inspired by the 31-year-old institution's founder, CBS chairman William S. Paley, and is intended to acknowledge the prominence and impact of digital technology in the lives of media consumers and creators.

The announcement was made at a champagne reception at the Paley Center's New York location and attended by board members including CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves, ABC News' Barbara Walters, actress Swoosie Kurtz and Queen Noor of Jordan.

"This last year has been so full of transformational shifts. We've reached a point of there being no such thing as old or new media," said Pat Mitchell, president and CEO of Paley. "We've always embraced new media, but it's better for us to go from being thought of as a museum to the role of a larger interpreter of how the media business is changing and how those changes are impacting our lives."

Besides serving as a home for a vast collection of radio and television programming assets, Paley will continue to expand its role as a forum, examining media and the effect of digital forms of distribution. To that end, the "Media as Lens" initiative was launched in the spring to foster discussion of media topics and the significance of TV, radio and emerging platforms.

Paley also plans to offer more such events as well as cast discussions from such series as "24," "Desperate Housewives" and "Entourage" through its redesigned Web site and content partnerships with such broadband companies as Yahoo and Comcast.

"In terms of programming, it's an evolution rather than a revolution, and we're looking very closely at the impact of all the new-media formats from the iPod to digital players," Mitchell said.