MTV dresses up 'Sweet 16' site


Now every teenage girl awaiting her sweet 16 can plan the special day to a tee with the expected launch Saturday of MTV's latest Web tie-in.

Based on the MTV series "My Super Sweet 16," the new site at was created to serve as an online community for girls planning their seminal event.

It is the fourth "stand-along" Web site that MTV has launched in the past two months designed as a vertical extension of the network's on-air programming and to cater to more niche-oriented audiences.

"With each online experience we launch, we're giving real teens from around the country the tools to become their own storytellers, connect with one another and completely reshape the fabric that is woven throughout our programs," said Brian Graden, president of entertainment at MTV Networks Music Group and Logo.

Users of the site can create their own "party" page incorporating photos and information ranging from what they plan to wear at the celebration to their choice of music, cake and venue. The site also will incorporate an import feature from the Web site Evite allowing users to manage their party lists from their personal party page.

Additionally, the community formed through the online destination will have users deciding which planned party should be featured on the site's homepage and in an upcoming episode of "My Super Sweet 16."

While the launch is intended to coincide with the Monday premiere of the series' new season, it follows the recent launch of other Web tie-ins for the reality show "Yo Momma" at, the sketch comedy "Short Cirtcuitz" at and the "Real World" Casting community site at

MTV plans to launch more niche-oriented sites in the near future.